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De Bello Gallico

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De Bello Gallico

Postby Iacobus de Indianius » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I want to make sure I'm reading this sentence correctly.

Caesari renuntiatur Helvetiis esse in animo per agrum Sequanorum et Haeduorum iter in Santonum fines facere, qui non longe a Tolosatium finibus absunt, quae civitas est in provincia. (B.G. Lib. I.10)

It is reported to Caesar that the Helvetians have in mind to make a march through the country of the Sequani and Haedori into the borders of the Santoni, which are not far from the borders of the Tolosates, a state which is in [our, i.e. the Roman] province.

Three things. 1. Is "Helvetiis" an abl. of agent going with renuntiatur, or dative of possessor with esse? If it is abl. of agent, there must be an "eos" missing to kick off the infin. + acc. construction.

2. Is "civitas" the antecedent of "quae"? I assume so since there's nothing else feminine or neut. pl. to which quae could refer. ***EDIT: Please ignore, as quae obviously refers to Tolosa.***

3. in + animo seems to come up frequently. Am I reading it correctly as "in mind"?

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Iacobus de Indianius
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Re: De Bello Gallico

Postby adrianus » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:57 pm

1. aliquid mihi [dativo casu] in animo est = Something is in mind to me [dative] = I intend to do something

2. quae civitas est = "which state is ", non "quae fines" = "which borders/land" [communis generis est finis nomen // "finis" is common gender, m. or f.], even though "est" and not "sunt".

3. Yes, or "intend" // ut dicis. Vide responsum primum.
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