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Pronoun question, A. Ag. 1642

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Pronoun question, A. Ag. 1642

Postby Paul Derouda » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:00 pm

This is probably a silly question.

A. Ag. 1641-42
[...] ἀλλ᾽ ὁ δυσφιλὴς σκότῳ
λιμὸς ξύνοικος μαλθακόν σφ᾽ ἐπόψεται.

"No, hateful Hunger, with its housemate Darkness, will see him soften!" (Sommerstein)

What pronoun does σφ᾽ stand for?
Paul Derouda
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Re: Pronoun question, A. Ag. 1642

Postby Qimmik » Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:35 am

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