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Syntactic Analysis of "-que" Suffix

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Syntactic Analysis of "-que" Suffix

Postby celebrimbor » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:07 pm

Does anyone have a reference for how the "-que" suffix might be analyzed in a parse tree? I want to know because knowing the parse tree usually helps me internalize the grammar. I'm having trouble with "-que" because it seems illogical to place "-que", which is essentially a conjunction, one token into the second phrase.

My text books only give a basic description of "-que" and some similar usage examples. Interestingly, Wiktionary says that there was a PIE and Proto Germanic suffix along the same lines, but I don't know where to research that more either.


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Re: Syntactic Analysis of "-que" Suffix

Postby Scribo » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:38 am

There's not much to say, its an enclitic so its post-positional and...well...it does what it does. It conjoins things together, often in list form. I don't really see what's illogical about it.

Yes its from a PIE root, *kwe (imagine a superscript w), which is also the ancestor of the Greek te (from < Mycenaean qe) and the Sanskrit ca. In the Italic family in particular, Faliscan (Latin's closest relative) has cue, Venetic kve and Oscan and Umbrian have like a pe sound. Useless data but hopefulyl interesting more generally.

Just read a bit and internalise it, write a few sentences using it and its derivatives.
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