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Another new member

Postby gecko » Thu May 23, 2013 4:51 am

Greetings and hello!

I have a life-long interest in languages (read: dilettante!) In K-12 I had two years of (Liturgical/Ecclesiastical) Latin in elementary school.

I had begun learning Koine Greek with a goal of working toward learning Homeric Greek, about four years ago. I used the Mounce materials and was happy to see it here on the Greek boards. It was suggested, by friends, that I start with Attic/Koine, which has a ton of resources available, before diving into Homeric. This site was always an excellent resource and much appreciated by someone who has been learning at alone at a dining room table for years.

Now I want to go back and try and re-learn Latin, specifically Liturgical/Ecclesiastical Latin. I honestly don't know how this differs from Classical Latin beyond pronunciations. I fiddled with a popular brand of software but was baffled by their pronunciation: they sounded nothing like what I recall as a kid. So it's back to the dining room table solo I think. I am armed with several grammars, Wheelock's, and a fat dictionary.

Anyway, I hope this was long enough to show I am not a robot. :)

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