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JWW exercises, para 74, 80, 85, 96, 98, 104

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JWW exercises, para 74, 80, 85, 96, 98, 104

Postby Koala » Tue Jul 08, 2003 12:39 pm

Some more answer suggestions for the Eng to Gk exercises out of JJW<br /><br />Lesson 7. / Paragraph 74.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> ta\j skhna\j e1luen.<br /> th\n fulakh\n e)ij th\n ge/furan ou)k e)pe/mpomen.<br /> h3rpazon ta\j a(ma/caj.<br /> e)k th=j kw/mhj ou)k h]gon th\n stratia/n. <br /> e)k tw~n oi)kiw~n ei)j th\n qa/lattan h]gej th\n fulakh/n.<br />[/face]<br />Lesson 8. / Paragraph 80.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> oi( su/mmaxoi i3ppouj ei]xon.<br /> ei)j th\n kw/mhn h]gon to\n i3ppon.<br /> to\ xwri/on steno\n h]n.<br /> o( a1nqrwpoj e)n pole/mw| kako\j h]n.<br /> i3ppouj toi=j summa/xoij e1pempe.<br />[/face]<br />Lesson 9. / Paragraph 85.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> Ku=roj dw~ra e1pempe toi=j strathgoi=j.<br /> ei)j to\n potamo\n h]ge to\n i3ppon.<br /> o( strathgo\j ploi=a makra\ ei1xen.<br /> tw|~ Ku/rw~| to\n oi1non pe/mpomen.<br /> oi( strathgoi\ i3ppouj tw|~ Ku/rw| e1pempon.<br />[/face]<br />Lesson 10. / Paragraph 96.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> diw/cw.<br /> e3comen.<br /> e)keleu/samen.<br /> a)qroi/sei.<br /> h1gagon.<br />[/face]<br />Lesson 10. / Paragraph 98.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> oi( ba/rbaroi to\n a1nqrwpon e1pemyan.<br /> oi( strathgoi\ tou\j i3ppouj to/te h1gagon.<br /> oi]non a)gaqo\n tw~| strathgw~| pe/myei Ku=roj;<br /> ou)k e)pibouleu/sei toi=j summa/xoij.<br /> tou\j polemi/ouj diw/kein keleu/sei o( strathgo/j.<br />[/face]<br />Lesson 11. / Paragraph 104.<br />[face=SPIonic] <br /> o( strathgo\j tou\j o(pli/taj ou)k h]gen.<br /> kai\ oi( peltastai\ a)gaqoi\ h]san kai\ oi( toco/tai.<br /> o( neani/aj e)n th~| kw/mh| h]n.<br /> o(pli/taj e1peyan kai\ peltasta/j.<br /> kala\ dw~ra toi=j Pe/rsaij pe/myei.<br />[/face]<br />
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Re:JJW exercises, para 74, 80, 85, 96, 98, 104

Postby Skylax » Thu Jul 17, 2003 2:17 pm

An only suggestion.<br /><br />Paragraph 98<br />[face=SPIonic] tou\j polemi/ouj diw/kein keleu/sei o( strathgo/j.<br />[/face]<br />This sentence means "The general will command to pursue the ennemies" In order to translate "He will command the general to pursue the ennemy", it should be To\n strathgo\n* keleu/sei diw/kein to\n pole/mion<br /><br />*Accusative as a subject of an infinitive clause. Note that the sentence is a little bit ambiguous, because each one of the Accusatives can be subject or direct object of keleu/sei.<br /><br />
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JJW exercises, para 74, 80, 85, 96, 98, 104

Postby tbjohnston » Wed Jan 14, 2004 7:27 am

Again thanks to Koala and Skylax.

My questions:

§74 #1 - can someone help me understand when [face=SPIonic]e)pi\ th\n ge/furhn [/face] would be appropriate rather than [face=SPIonic]ei0j th\n ge/furhn[/face] ?
[Apologies for the spaces within the words -- can anyone tell me how to eliminate them?]

§85 #4 - should there be a definite article (or not) for [face=SPIonic]oi]non[/face] ?
The english text is "We are sending wine to Cyrus"
Would [face=SPIonic]pempomen tw=| Kurw~| oi]non[/face] work, or does it need to be [face=SPIonic]to\n oi]non[/face] ?

§98 #5 - expanding on Skylax's post, does §94 indicate that [face=SPIonic]polemioj[/face] is an substantive adjective which is plural in Greek, but could be translated as a singular (the enemy) in English. Thus enemy could be [face=SPIonic]tou~j polemi/ouj[/face]?


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