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Tavultsoft keyman questions

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Tavultsoft keyman questions

Postby Miltiades » Wed Mar 17, 2004 1:13 pm

Hello! I'm using "Tavultsoft keyman" to write classical greek texts on msword. However, i need to write polytonic greek texts within Dreamweaver (html editor), and Photoshop as well. If someone knows what to do please help[/b]
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Postby Paul » Wed Mar 17, 2004 8:46 pm


As far as Photoshop is concerned, your best bet is to save an MS Word file as a PDF; then do File > Place in Photoshop.

Adobe provides a .doc->.pdf tool that integrates nicely with MS Word.
I don't recall if it is available for free outside of Adobe Acrobat. But I know that it comes with Acrobat (NB: by 'Acrobat' I don't mean the freely available Acrobat Reader).

In re DreamWeaver: I'm not sure. Please note that just because unicode chars look wrong in an application, doesn't necessarily mean that they ARE wrong. If application lacks proper fonts, then glyphs will look like boxes and other 'junk'. From Dreamweaver can you save an HTML file, open it in a web browser and see proper greek glyphs? Again, browser must a) have access to a unicode font and know to render the greek part of the document with that font.

Finally, this thread might find a happier home in the 'Textkit Community' Open Board. :)


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