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introductions to ancient Greek

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introductions to ancient Greek

Postby NordicMan » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:32 pm

In 1990, I had two quarters of elementary NT Greek. This gave me joy. I do read in the NT and the LXX, about every day, yet, I am quite rusty, in terms of recognising the forms of the variegated Greek verb, and for that matter the various noun forms, and the participles. So, my growth was stunted, due to lack of progress in learning Greek back then, many demands upon my time, and while now I have been spending a bit of time with reading Greek, still, the rudimentary state of my ken of Greek at that time has encumbered me. I need grammar review.

I have been thinking about plowing through the Homeric Greek book(s), and then using such a book as that by Pamela Draper.

Still, I would like to hear what folks thoughts are on the various Attic grammars. I apologise if everyone is tired of this topic. I have not been on a Greek board for some years now, and I would like to hear, if you folks would not mind saying, what Attic grammars do you find that you learned from. What did you like about said book(s), and what did you not like? I am thinking of the Hansen & Quinn book, Mastronarde, Luschnig, Wilding/Shelmerdine, JACT, the newer Vernhes book, and I reckon, Chase and Phillips, and Athenaze.

I will be studying largely by myself, so far as I can see.

Thank you, and I hope this has not been a topic that has been wallopped to death around here.
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