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Athenaze accenting of γυνή

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Athenaze accenting of γυνή

Postby jaihare » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:38 pm

Athenaze (2nd ed.) book 1, page 129 has:

Exercise 8ζ
5. ἡ πρώτη γυνή, ...
8. ἡ δὲ τρίτη γύνη, ...
9. ἡ δὲ τετάρτη γυνή, ...

Is there a reason why γυνή is changed to γύνη (accented like the vocative, γύναι) in exercise number 8, or is that simply a mistake?

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Re: Athenaze accenting of γυνή

Postby Sinister Petrus » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:06 pm

My guess is a typo that didn't get caught in proofing.

Having been in the position of reading blue-line copies for a publisher, there are always errors of this sort. Always. Drop an e-mail to the publisher. If they've not caught it already, they'll stick it in their file of things to fix before the next print run.

(Blue lines are the proof copies that are looked at prior to the print run. They really aren't meant for catching mistakes that the proofreader misses, but it does happen--bigger errors do get fixed. It's real purpose is to make sure that pages are in the right order and that digital files are working properly at the printer.)
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