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Postby PeterD » Sun Jan 04, 2004 6:22 pm

Hi, my name is Peter. I am studying Attic Greek on my own. Everything was going great until I hit the participles. That is when you realise a textbook can only go so far -- especially one that doesn't come with an answer key!

I have a fairly good idea of what participles are and how they are used. However, I do have a problem when I encounter the participle wn ("being") in predicate position with a subordinating conjunction in the same clause.

For example, Ho Herakles eti nepios wn edelou thn dunamin. epei gar oktw menwn wn keitai en th eunh, h Hera duo megalous drakontas ep' autou pempei, boulomenh apokteinein.

Here is my structural translation to the above passage: "Harakles, still just a baby, was (already) displaying his strength. For when he was eight months old lying in his cradle, Hera sent two serpents against him, wanting to kill him."

As you can see there is something not right about the translation Anyone out there have any advice. Thanks and a Happy New Year to all.[/code]
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Postby Paul » Sun Jan 04, 2004 7:42 pm

Hi Peter,

Welcome to Textkit!

Both uses of [face=SPIonic]w)/n[/face] that you highlight look to me like 'circumstantial participles'.

The first in [face=SPIonic]e)/ti nh/pioj w)/n[/face] almost has a concessive force, e.g., 'although still an infant..'

What grammar are you using?

If you've access to Smyth's Greek Grammar (its web whereabouts is posted somewhere in Texkit), please see sections starting at 2054.

Also, you might want to read http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-foru ... .php?t=111 on how to get greek glyphs into your posts.


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Re: Participles

Postby Skylax » Sun Jan 04, 2004 8:32 pm

PeterD wrote:As you can see there is something not right about the translation Anyone out there have any advice.

Being maybe blind (tuflos isws wn), I don't see what is wrong in your translation. And a Happy New Year to you, too.
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