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Apparatus criticus

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Apparatus criticus

Postby timeodanaos » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:06 pm

This is mostly a question for the native speakers of English: How would you write apparatus (as in the app. criticus) in the plural in English? My Oxford Concise says nothing, the Wiktionary says it can be either -uses or the same as singular.

And by the way, anyone interested in textual criticism? I'm writing an article about indirect transmission of Vergil in the Saturnalia of Macrobius if there should be any person here interested in that.
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Re: Apparatus criticus

Postby adrianus » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:45 pm

critical apparatuses or just apparatuses [anglicé]; apparatus critici [latinè ad amussim]

commentarii tui mihi curae sunt // your article sounds interesting

OED wrote:Forms: Pl. (rare) -atus, -atuses.

c. Materials for the critical study of a document. In full critical apparatus: = apparatus criticus n.

1728 E. Chambers Cycl. (at cited word), Glossaries, Comments, &c. are also frequently call'd Apparatus's.
1796 W. Godwin Caleb Williams (ed. 2) III. xiv. 248 The apparatus of my etymological enquiries.
1868 Jrnl. Philol. 1 No. 2. 66 His collation of the poem, with a description of the MS., a careful apparatus, and an interesting explanatory commentary.
1876 Hermathena II. 389 Professor W. Ramsay compiled his text very carefully, with apparently all the requisite data and critical apparatus.
1879 Q. Rev. Apr. 334 A thorough examination of the Old Testament by our modern critical apparatus of research.
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