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apparatus criticus

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apparatus criticus

Postby vir litterarum » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:25 pm

Does anyone know where I can find an exhaustive list of the abbreviations typically found the apparatus critici of classical texts? I've found several short lists but none that are very extensive.
vir litterarum
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Re: apparatus criticus

Postby Didymus » Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:55 am

This list is a good jumping off point, with the added virtue of being available online. Unusual abbreviations are often spelled out in a preface. I've also seen at least one printed list in a German handbook. Are there any particular abbreviations that are troubling you?
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Re: apparatus criticus

Postby swiftnicholas » Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:23 pm

There is a good list in Eleanor Dickey's "Ancient Greek Scholarship." It is not exhaustive, however, and probably not too much longer than the link just posted.
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