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Postby lucavi » Fri May 01, 2009 6:15 am

Hi! I've been trying to find some resources to help me with my Latin, and I happened to wander across this gem of site. It's such a useful language, I simply can't ignore the fact I must learn it. From Italian to Japanese, and now this. It'll be one hell of a creole if I get fuddled up. XD I hope my inquiries don't agitate you! A pleasure to meet you all.
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Postby paulusnb » Fri May 01, 2009 8:04 pm

Salve! ( And with this greeting, I am at 200 posts!!!!!!!!!!) This is a pretty helpful site. Feel free to fire away with questions. This board has been so silent lately that you will be courted like a cheerleader for prom.
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Postby thesaurus » Sat May 02, 2009 7:37 am

Welcome to the forum!

paulusnb wrote:This board has been so silent lately that you will be courted like a cheerleader for prom.

This. For some reason people like myself are lurking around here at insane hours just waiting for chances to arise for discussing/using Latin and Greek. E.g. my post here at 3am... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9494

Part of me thinks that the forums have been quiet because it's the end of semester for a lot of people who don't have time to contribute. But I'd also expect people cramming for exams, so I don't know. It's only a matter of time until we turn upon one another like starving men adrift in a life-raft... :shock:

BTW, if you mix up your Latin, Italian and Japanese you'll hopefully end up with some good Macaronic poetry! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaronic_ ... onic_verse
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