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Latinforums.org Closed? (and Intro)

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Latinforums.org Closed? (and Intro)

Postby maryesterday » Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:02 pm

Hello everyone. I'm trying to teach myself Latin in my spare time. It's going slow. A month ago I joined the latinforums.org forum, but about two weeks ago all the posts on that site appeared to have been erased. (The MySQL database had apparently crashed.) I tried contacting the site owner but never heard anything, and today the whole site seems to be gone. Anyone know what happened? I'm sad about it because I had asked for translation help with a few English to Latin phrases, and wasn't able to get back to the site in time to read all the responses. :(

But on the upside, I'm glad to have found this forum!
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Re: Latinforums.org Closed? (and Intro)

Postby Jacobus » Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:47 pm

Salve, maryesterday.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about the possibility of latinforums.org having been closed, but I can congratulate you on having found this forum :)

In my experience, having joined recently, the guys here are very helpful with any questions you will have regarding Latin, Ancient Greek and, I assume, any other topic you choose to inquire about. Good luck with your Latin quest!


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