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English-Latin dictionary

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English-Latin dictionary

Postby Interaxus » Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:14 am

Have just downloaded Smith’s English-Latin dictionary from 1871 (145MB) and want to share this with anyone who hasn't done so yet:


What a treasure! Every page is a lesson in itself. An example: I chanced upon the entry for ‘assert’ and now I know that Cicero said: I assert nothing, I examine all things, nihil affirmo, quaero omnia.

Picasso’s ‘I don’t seek, I find’ expresses something of what I feel as I butterfly page after page.

Non quaero, invenio. Hmm, can that be Latin? Never mind, let’s check out ‘invenio’.

find : 1. invenio, veni, ntum,
4 (to light upon; with or without search) : neither at home nor in the city do I find any one who . . ., neque domi neque in urbe invenio quenquam, qui, etc , Pl.: he finds the ships ready to sail, naves ad navigandum paratas invenit, Caes. B. G. 5, 5:

I love those examples. They just keep on coming. :D

Of course, Latin-Latin dictionaries are good too!

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