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Postby freznow » Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:36 pm

Hey, I'm in high school with a hefty resume. I'm looking for a college that will satisfy my love of Latin and ancient Greek but also have a good math department (I plan on double majoring in Classics and Mathematics. I'm top of my classes in each - so far ahead that I have to either take self study or community college class next year for both because I've exhausted my high school's offerings of 2 levels of AP Latin and AP Calculus BC after this, my junior, year.)

So my number 1 right now is University of Chicago, while I'm also considering Duke and Bryn Mawr and a few others. But those are out of state and they don't necessarily come cheap (I'm really depending on merit/financial aid here.) It'd be nice if I could find something in Virginia, or nearby. (MD? NC?) Does anyone have recommendations based on where you went to college, etc.? Even if they're out of state, I'm sure I'd appreciate knowing about it. It's hard to find info about lots of the smaller schools (even larger ones, in relation to Classics and Mathematics in specific) and I'm a bit interested in U. of Richmond, Sweet Briar, and Randolph Macon, UVA as I know some Latin professors from those places but don't know much about the state of classics and math in each.

Mea culpa for the long post, but any info is appreciated.
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Postby edonnelly » Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:36 am

Vanderbilt has a long classics tradition, but I'm not up on it's current status. It is a most outstanding institution, however, and your statement of financial need reminded me about the very bold initiative that Vanderbilt is starting to eliminate all need-based loans (and replace them with grants):

Vanderbilt University’s seven-year initiative to reduce students’ education-related debt will take a bold step forward in fall 2009 when the university replaces all need-based student loans with Vanderbilt grant and scholarship assistance while continuing to fully meet the demonstrated need of its undergraduates.

Read more about it here:


and definitely investigate this school to see if it could meet your needs.
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