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Latinum id agit ut Latīnē loquendi ars col�tur

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Latinum id agit ut Latīnē loquendi ars col�tur

Postby metrodorus » Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:20 pm

Latinum Online Free Audio Course
~over 2 million audio files downloaded to date~
http://www.e.millner.btinternet.co.uk/l ... inFAQ.html

" Example before the rule" is a great principle of language learning. Viva voce methods save time, rules are grasped more quickly. Systematic use of viva voce Latin leads to rapidly gaining the required intuitive familiarity with Latin sentence construction, and the learning of correct vowel quantity from the beginning. Vocabulary is learned in a more natural way. The intention is to use the resources offered here to get good enough to actually get to think in the language, to live in it. This is the Renaissance Method.

The recorded lessons from Adler's Textbook, " A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language" form the core of the podcast. Adler's book can be downloaded for free from Google Books, who especially re-scanned this important textbook for us.


Evan Millner

Many thanks to the following individuals and organisations for appearing (listed in no particular order) on this Podcast:
The Cambridge University Press;
The University of Canterbury, New Zealand;
University of California, Los Angeles;
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles;
Swarthmore College, Department of Classics;
Stephen Daitz (Sorgll);
Robert Sonkowsky (Sorgll);
Wakefield Foster (Sorgll);
Jeroen de Ost;
Lucio Amadeo Ranierio;
Lorna Robinson, Iris Project;
Ruben Sitto;
Melissa Foundation;
Charles Umiker;
Iohannes Alatius;
Brad Walton;
Charlie McNamara.
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