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Postby a reader of Homer » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:18 am

Just by way of introduction, I am not an academic but learned Howeric Greek in school and have read on and off for many years now. In Il. 21 right now and Ach. dispassionate manner as he makes piles of hamburger out of the Trojans is a little unsettling. Anyway glad I found this forum because if I start talking about the differences between uses of the optative and subjunctive to any of my family or friends they think I'm odd. Maybe I am- the I-phone wielding tattoo covered hipsters at Starbucks think that Greek is a kind of food. And the local Greek restaurant is good, but nobody there knows what it means for Athena and Hera to walk like pidgeons. Enough cheap humor- hope I can contribute to the posts, and I enjoy getting the benefit of others' experience.

Can't resist one more inside crack- I met a woman I liked once and told her she had beautiful ox eyes. She gave me a black one. Big mistake. But heh, have you ever looked at a cow up close? They DO have beautiful eyes!
a reader of Homer
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