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Greetings! (An Introduction)

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Greetings! (An Introduction)

Postby meka_ » Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:53 pm

Hello, all!

Meka here. I am currently completing my MA in English, specializing in Old English literature, after which I plan to pursue a PhD in the same subject. In the past I've studied classical and ecclesiastical Latin at the introductory level, using the 7th edition of Wheelock's Latin and John F. Collins' A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, respectively. Alas, my study has lapsed a bit since then, and my foundation is shakier than it should be, so I am beginning again with Floyd L. Moreland and Rita M. Fleischer's Latin: An Intensive Course, which I have found to be better suited to my learning style than Wheelock. I have peripheral interests in classical works, but I am most interested in reading medieval texts; once I have worked my way through Latin: An Intensive Course, I intend to return to Collins to polish up my ecclesiastical Latin as well. I was delighted to find this community, and I look forward to contributing here. :)

In case this is of interest to anyone, my other languages include Old and Middle English, a bit of modern French, and, less relevantly, modern Japanese.
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