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Greetings - Greek teacher returns to board

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Greetings - Greek teacher returns to board

Postby Rob McConeghy » Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:33 pm

Greetings (this sounds like a draft notice) :D
I have not visited Textkit for several years but am now back.
I first studied Latin in 1956 and Greek in 1960.
Taught both for a few years but was distracted away from the field by business and only returned a few years ago.
I currently am coordinating 4 study groups on the GreekStudy List and coordinated a Latin composition group a few years ago.
Currently I am coordinating 3 groups using John Taylor's Textbook "Greek to GCSE" and a group that just started reading/translating the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. I have coordinated study groups using the old Crosby and Schaeffer "Introduction to Greek" and Ann Groton's "From Alpha to Omega" and have participated in groups using Mastronarde's "Introduction to Attic Greek" and Balme & Lawal's "Athenaze"
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