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My Intoductory Post

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My Intoductory Post

Postby JimmyH » Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:29 pm

Hello Textkit members. I am a 65 year old retiree and I am dipping my foot in the water wishing to read the Bible (NT) in the original language. Having investigated the 'best' way to go about it I've come to the conclusion that learning Attic would be a more sensible approach.

I have accumulated a small library of study material on the used market of mostly Koine resources but also have gotten a copy of Liddell & Scott, luckily in two volumes for convenience. So far I've been studying Mounce's "Greek For The Rest Of Us," and have learned the alphabet, pronunciation, and I'm now struggling with grammar.

I intend to peruse this forum and follow along and may pick up Mastronarde's Introduction unless I find, through perusing the beginner's forum, that a more basic volume is recommended.

My hobbies are bicycling, on and off road, Target shooting, making noise on an acoustic guitar, and reading, mostly the Bible and commentaries on same. Thanks for the admission to this board, and I hope that I may eventually contribute as much as I take from it.


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