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Postby ktsoilkovsky » Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:43 am

Hey everybody, I'm a new user and I understand that an introduction is part of the process required to keep the plebs out. My name is Ella, I'm an undergrad studying anthropology and linguistics at a university in Florida. My primary interest is in semetic languages with Hebrew demanding most of my energy, but I am taking Latin as a comparative and supplemental language and to make up for the fact that my school doesn't offer any classes in grammar or philology. I also know a very small amount of medical Greek.
I'm currently in an honors class working its way through Wheelock and Groton and May's stories at a hectic rate of between one and two chapters per week, and I'm coming to spend serious time on this board because I don't understand the passive paraphrastic at all. I think I have a tentative grasp on the ablative absolute, but honestly I'm still reeling from participles. I hope I can be a productive member of the community even though I am not a classicist and focus on the Judean rather than the Greek or Roman worlds, as I would hate to be deleted.
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