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Postby discipulus novus sum » Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:25 am

Salvete omnes,
I am a linguist of european languages, especially Romance languages, I specialise in French, what motivated me to learn latin was the fact that it(latin) is the root of French and other Romance languages and knowing latin improves knowledge of its offshoots. I have been learning latin for a while now and it is quite interesting :D , Textkit is a very useful tool for learning these 2 ancient languages, so you guys have my gratitude. I need the help of more experienced learners as I learn latin because I am aware that most of you are more experienced in latin than I am, so I decided to create an account for myself here. Should I have any doubts, I will post my doubts here. I would be grateful, if you guys could help me out.

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