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Postby pster » Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:03 am

I was watching a video recently and the instructor was making the point that if you are bored, you won't learn. Seems dead right to me. But I am often bored when I study Attic. I am on the one hour a day plan and it seems to create maximum boredom for me. So I am going to redistribute those 365 hours over the course of the year so as to minimize boredom. So while I think that routine is rightly regarded as a desideratum, it has to be trumped by boredome avoidance. So, for example, it might very well be the case that it is better to do 7 hours of Attic every Sunday than to do 1 hour per day. I should add that when I do longer sessions, I am rarely bored. But, n.b., the 365 hours is a fixed given, so the 7 hour a day plan is out of the question. Sorry Homer, but I got a life!

Thoughts? I'm particularly interested in how those who study Latin and Greek balance their study.
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