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An Introduction

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An Introduction

Postby Theocritus » Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:16 am

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself: I'm a post-BA Classics/Philosophy/Literature student trying to gain fluency in Greek and Latin in addition to Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English, of course. Spanish and English are my native tongues, although due to the weirdness of assimilation in a spanglish culture, the latter has pushed the former into a corner, to the point that I can read Shakespeare in the original spelling passably well but can't even glance at Cervantes without freaking out about how basic my vocabulary and grammar are.

I'm thinking of studying at St. John's College in New Mexico and/or Maryland and waiting to be granted Spanish citizenship. Afterwards, I'm considering the possibility of teaching in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, learning and living, and maybe even doing the Accademia Vivarium Novum at some point!

I'm very interested in immersing myself in the languages I want to learn ala Lingua Latina, and I'm hoping to gather as many resources for my target languages as possible. I'd also like to speak with fellow language learners, especially in reconstructed Greek and Latin, to develop my inner ear, soul, etc. as much as possible.

Poetry, fiction, essays, and music are among my passions, and hopefully, I'll end up making a mark on what's left of western civilization in more than one language. Maybe I'm a bit brash or ambitious, but I merely wish to push myself as far as humanly possible. Advice, questions, or anything at all will be welcomed with gratitude.

Cura ut valeas,

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