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Postby Pete Lupum » Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:35 pm

As per the joining instructions, here's my self-intro.

I found this forum after discovering to my chagrin that the LLPSE audio doesn't go beyond capitulum xxxi in classical pronunciation. I was trying to find out why. Does anyone know? (Besides the sad passing away of the author, I mean; and that wouldn't preclude the option of having another voice complete the set.)

For me, registering here is happily ironic in that it was from Textkit that I got my D'Ooge and answer key a few years ago. I've worked through that text and then went to LLPSE.

Now here's my real question. I feel that I should be more advanced than I actually am. D'Ooge gives me a good grammar grounding and Osberg a fairly fluent listening skill set. Yet each time I pick up yet another beginner's textbook or reader, I invariably feel that I'm starting from scratch yet again. Certainly, there is an increased fluency, but may I respectfully ask the following; just how much work is actually required or how much knowledge is really needed before I can consider myself a low intermediate student of Latin?
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