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Postby Rudy » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:11 am

Greetings everyone,

Since it seems necessary, I ought to introduce myself now lest my account become banned. I am currently an undergraduate student attending my local community college. For the coming fall semester I will (hopefully) attend Illinois State University to pursue a degree in philosophy and psychology. At least, that is the plan for the time being.

I have decided to expand my education into areas of which I know nothing about, such as language/linguistics. At present I have a copy of Wheelock's Latin that I work with for an hour a day, circumstances permitting.

The reason I have chosen to study Latin is due to it's recommendation from an acquaintance of mine who is currently a TA at a prestigious university for Classical Studies. Since I don't intend to pester her with every question I may have, as she has a busy schedule, I find myself here.

In any case I apologize for the rather dry introduction and welcome the thought of people criticizing my attempted translations of Latin sentences which I will hopefully post in the coming weeks.
Thank you all very much taking the time to read this and have a pleasant day/night.
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