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Introductions first

Postby ti.purpureo » Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:44 am

Greetings all!

I just registered for the forum and I hope to scour the forums and glean all I can about learning Latin and Greek. My old Latin professor gave full names to each student and grouped some of us up as small clans and households, so that is why I am using my Latin name on this site (Tiberius Ovidius Purpureo). It should be Ti. Ovidius, but the registration form errored out when I tried it.

Now for some background information. I have studied Latin for one semester in college but didn't continue as I was a Chinese studies major. Periodically I have looked at online textbooks or language forums to try to get enough motivation to start learning, but always tended to end after a week or two. Lastly, I have a deep interest in giving myself a classical education, starting with Latin and Greek.

Some goals of mine are that I want to study these languages so that I can have a solid foundation to learn other languages, that I can read the classics and broaden my understanding of the beginnings of western civilization and cultures, and that I want to be able to write notes or a journal all in Latin and Greek, for my own amusement :).

If anyone has advice on what I can do best to restart my Latin and/or start my Greek learning journey, I would be grateful. As of right now, I am just starting to use D'Ooge's book and a notebook.

Thanks all for reading!
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