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Unicode raw text of Greek-English Dictionary

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Unicode raw text of Greek-English Dictionary

Postby soloncircus » Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:15 pm

Hello all, I am a new member; Nice to be here, classics rules, and no matter how tough the going gets, you are rewarded for your work multifold in satisfaction, so beginners keep at it...,etc.

I joined to ask a question: Does anyone know of an available raw Greek-English dictionary in text format (unicode for polytonic Greek, of course)?

This is not unprecedented for Latin, for instance at Whittaker's Words there is a downloadable text file of nearly 38,000 Latin words with English definitions, at: http://archives.nd.edu/whitaker/dictpage.htm. It is text in the following format:

abactius, abactia, abactium ADJ [XAXEO]

stolen/rustled (of cattle);

abactor, abactoris N (3rd) M [XAXEO]

cattle thief, rustler; one who drives off;

abactus, abacta, abactum ADJ [XXXES]

driven away/off/back; forced to resign (office); restrained by; passed (night);


I would like to find the Greek equivalent, which would look something like the following:

πεῖρα, πείρας (f.): English: trial, attempt
ὑγίεια, ὑγιείας (f.)): English: health, soundness
γλῶττα, γλώτης (f.)): English: tongue
δόξα, δόξης (f.)): English: opinion; reputation

It could be in any list form, even in .pdf format, perhaps.

I need it so that I can have a local dictionary so I don't need to be online. The local dictionary(s?) are .exe-ish, and I am only an ".app" user.

Thank you and keep up the good work. If anyone wants a cleaned-up version of the Whitakker's Words Latin dictionary (again, nearly 38,000 words), I offer it for help finding a Greek equivalent. It's 3.5 MB of utf-8 text.

semper ubi sub ubi
(pretty racy. hope I don't get kicked out.)
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