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Hello, first year Greek student new to board

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Hello, first year Greek student new to board

Postby Minoan Sun Goddess » Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:12 am

There are a lot of rules to abide by in your first posts here so I hope I am remembering them all! I am a 2nd year masters student at Eastern Washington University (EWU), and am double-majoring in History and Anthropology. To my dismay there is no Ancient History department at EWU, but we have a wonderful Ancient Historian who is tailoring my studies towards the ancient world. My first year, I focused my attention on mother goddess mystery cults, fertility cults and worship, as well as figurines and artworks that are representative of the Great Mother Goddess, goddesses and women in general throughout the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Late Bronze Age periods. I got my two undergraduate degrees in Studio Art (Painting) and Art History. My interests are not solely feminine in nature. I am fascinated with the societies, governments, philosophies, and religions of ancient peoples.

A few months back, I bought myself a teach-yourself-Attic-Greek book. When my instructor (who is fluent in Greek) learned of this purchase, she said that she would teach me over the summer if I was serious. We have been doing pretty well so far. My lessons may slow down when Fall quarter starts again, but she has agreed to keep teaching me throughout the year. I am very thankful.

I am going to be going to Cyprus during the summer of 2014, along with my fellow graduates, to aid our instructor in her excavational duties.

I hope to meet others learning Attic Greek, and perhaps get some of my many questions answered from time to time, as well as be of some help to others if I can be.

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