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Latin Translation for a tatoo

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Latin Translation for a tatoo

Postby SamanthaAsja » Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:45 am

Hey everyone,
My name is Samantha. I am getting a tattoo saying "just have a little faith" in latin. I joined the Latin Discussions page and posted in there a couple of weeks ago. I also paid $10 to a latin translation service online known as "Classical Turns." I know that it is an ancient language and sometimes these languages cannot be translated word for word. However, both the translation service and the Latin Discussions board agreed on a final statement: "aliquid modo fidei habe" Originally, "paulum" was considered instead of "aliquid" HOWEVER, while paulum literally translated to "a little" both parties agreed that it might not be the right context for the phrase itself. They told me that "aliquid" meant "some" and could be taken the same as "a little" Because this is going to be permanent ink on my body, I just want as much input as I can possible receive. It's not that I don't trust these parties, it's just that the more input I receive, the better I'l feel. I'd appreciate any and all comments! Thanks!
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