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Intro and Request for Resource

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Intro and Request for Resource

Postby jascerbo » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:20 am

Dear Textkit Community:

Today is my first day on the site as a registered member but I first found the site about a year ago with the great free downloads. But I have yet to really immerse myself in either Greek or Latin: I start and stop, and start and stop. I have a *huge* desire to learn both Greek and Latin but I do not have a regular plan.

Right now I am studying from my series 7 and 66 licenses as an investment advisor. But I have been a literature and philosophy nerd for almost 20 years now and must learn Latin and Greek. I have desired to for a long time and am committed now.

What I need I think to get started is a resource for Latin like the semantic Mastering New Testament Greek Vocabulary Through Semantic Domains by Mark W. Wilson.

Does anyone know of a resource like this for Latin?

Thank you.

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