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Sans Languish (L'anguish?)

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Sans Languish (L'anguish?)

Postby Poustman » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:48 pm

Hello everyone. Found these boards via a Google Search for a Graded Attic Reader; am utilizing the online Athenaze materials kindly recommended by other users.

After letting it rust for over a decade I'm refreshing my New Testament/Biblical (Koine) Greek with Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek and adding some Attic. The Attic is a real kick. While NTG reading fluency is the main goal, a lifetime of quasi-memorizing the NIV text means I tend to intuit more than actually read or even translate Biblical passages; tackling Attic allows me to actually (start) reading in Greek. Hoping that this will help me sidestep the tendency to decode Koine and move into reading it.

Am also working through Dwane Thomas' Visual Latin (after getting bogged down in Collins' Ecclesiastical Latin and considering Latin Through Ovid, Lingua Latina, and various online self-study methods), and chipping away at Pratico and Van Pelt's Basics of Biblical Hebrew. I'm also trying to pick up a little Dutch, French, and German, though I haven't found sources that I'm happy with yet.

Tried Rosetta Stone for (Modern) Greek, (Modern) Hebrew, as well as Latin, Dutch, French, German. While the process was fun and painless, I found I didn't really learn much. My goal being reading fluency, anyway, RS was probably an odd choice. My mistake

I went to their website and bought Mounce and Pratico-Van Pelt's lectures. Very helpful. Along with the grammar textbooks and the workbooks it makes the process fairly accessible for self-study.

My kids are joining me in Visual Latin; my oldest is in French Immersion here in Canada.

Would never have considered myself/our family linguistically gifted or even keen; this is the first time I've actually compiled a tally of our language 'work'. I guess we must like it!
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