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Postby phyre » Wed Mar 26, 2003 4:14 pm

yazzaaa... at last<br /><br />Greetings... I just happened to stumble across the site tonight in my noble quest to learn Latin 8)<br /><br />Hi, I'm craig <br />[Hi Craig]<br />The purpose of this post is to introduce meself (hi again).<br /><br />I'm a 22 yr old programmer, father of a 10 week old baby and want to leanr latin for the fun of it (yeah, maybe i do need to get out a bit more, but you try going out with an adorable 10 week old baby at home :D)<br /><br />I overuse smileys, i am a lazy typest, and have such a bad memory, i sometimes forget to finish my<br /><br />Yeah... on a more serious matter: I'm in the process of downloading "New Latin Grammer" and "A Latin Grammer" (gotta love a job that has almost unlimited net access).<br /><br />Will these suffice as a startup or should I pay a trip to one of our wonderfully stocked (yeah right) local bookstores.<br /><br />I'm sure you'll here from me again, so Hi all, heres to a long, beautiful relationship (platonic of course, i am spoken for after all ;D) and, uhm... Greek next?<br /><br />Ciao,<br />Craig
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Postby Erica » Wed Mar 26, 2003 5:39 pm

Greetings, and good for you wanting to learn Latin...I think the books you are downloading are good resources. You may want to check out an easy beginning Latin reader such as 38 Latin Stories -- it is a companion book to Wheelock's Latin (which also has a workbook and answer key)...<br />In the beginning, just work on learning the basic vocabulary and grammar paradigms and it always helps to say the words out loud - belive me you will remember the lessons with more clarity and in general have an easier time of it if you repeat everything several times and hear yourself say it.<br /> :D
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