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how to say this

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how to say this

Postby blaqb0x » Thu Jan 22, 2004 8:33 am


I was trying to translate a two word phrase from English to Latin. I looked up some resources and noticed that Latin is not that far off from Spanish. Anyway I need help figuring out how to translate this to Latin

Air Torus (or possibly how to say Torus of the Air, Torus made from Air...)

I found out that Air - of the air, high air is "Aerius"

Then torus is just Torus. If I didn't read one little tutorial I would have put them together as Aerius Torus but, then I noticed that not only are adjectives after a noun but, that nouns are also 'genderized' like Spanish. Can anyone tell me how to translate this?

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Postby benissimus » Thu Jan 22, 2004 5:25 pm

Can someone please move this to the Latin forum?

I'm not quite sure what a "torus" is, but you got lucky when you picked 'Aerius Torus" or "Torus Aerius". Having the adjective afterwards is more standard, but putting it before is not uncommon. You might also consider "Torus Aeris (Aeris Torus)" or "Torus Aurarum (Aurarum Torus)" which mean basically the same thing, though they are not adjectives but nouns in their possessive form (of the air/ the air's).
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