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Help with short story translation please.

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Help with short story translation please.

Postby 7tongues » Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:39 pm


I am currently working on a project that is based around an open ended story about communication and cooperation between different cultures and i am trying to get it translated into as many different languages as i can.

Can you help?

If anyone has any questions about me or the project please feel to email me at : the7tonguesstory@gmail.com

Thank you.

The story is below:


In the centre of the ocean there is an Island and on that Island there were four men that never spoke to each other. An Astronomer, a Farmer, an Inventor and a Carpenter. Each day the Astronomer would find stories written in the stars, the Farmer would tend to his crops, the Inventor would create fascinating tools and toys, and the Carpenter would carve masterpieces out of the trees and stone.

One night whilst gazing at the stars the Astronomer saw that he could navigate his way from one end of the Island to the other using the lights in the sky. He then thought, “If I get from one side of the island to the other then why can’t I go across the whole ocean?” But he realised that the ocean was very big, and to travel across it he would need lots of food for the journey. So he went to the Farmer.

A week before the Farmer was tending to his crops when a bird flying over head dropped a twig from its mouth, and it landed at the Farmers feet. When he bent down to pick it up he noticed that at the tip of the branch there was a fruit that he had never seen before. He then thought, “Maybe there is a place where there are lots of new fruit and vegetables that I could learn how farm? “
So when the Astronomer told the Farmer his plan he thought it was a great idea. But the Farmer realised that the ocean was very big and that he would need a way to get across it. So they went to the Inventor.

The Inventor was sitting in is house, surrounded by thousands of pieces of paper with thousands of inventions on them each one getting more and more complicated as they went on.
When the Astronomer and the Farmer had told him about their idea he thought; “Fantastic! I’ve got just the thing.”
So he looked through the mountains of paper until he found one that was right at the bottom of the tallest pile.
“Got it!” Said the Inventor, “But we’ll need someone to build it, lets ask the carpenter.” So they went to the Carpenter.

When they got to the Carpenter he had just finished carving the most beautiful statue and the Astronomer, the Farmer and the Inventor told the Carpenter about their idea and asked him if he would build the inventors contraption. The Carpenter agreed and started work immediately.

It took them weeks, the Carpenter cut down trees and carved the wood whilst the Inventor made the right measurements. The Farmer farmed the crops and the Astronomer mapped out their journey using the stars in the sky.
They finally finished with a beautifully crafted ship, a direction to go and plenty of food to last them the journey. So they set off to explore the world together on an incredible adventure…..
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