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Postby Paul Hartmann » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:36 pm

My name is Paul Hartmann, and I am an Anthropology student at the University of Ottawa. I am taking introductory Latin in an effort to train my brain at the learning of languages. My struggle has been thus far between admiration of the language for the sense it makes, and difficulties learning the various declensions and the vocabulary. The professor seems to be pushing ahead at a rapid pace, and I am falling behind.
I stumbled onto this site while looking for explanations and answer keys for Wheelock's Latin 6th edition. Since the registration process mentioned that I had to post an open greeting, here it is! While I am doing so, I may as well post notice here that the subscription link seems to have some issues, as it would not let me subscribe to the newsletter. I suppose I might find out more about that later, but for now I mention it on the off chance that it is a new problem.
Paul Hartmann
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