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Newly Arrived Neophyte

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Newly Arrived Neophyte

Postby CntrlScrtnzr » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:25 pm

It seems rightest to announce myself.

I am an independently motivated student of Classics in particular, but Indo-European Linguistics in general. I have a still-underdeveloped, but earnest knowledge of Classical Greek by Hansen and Quinn, in Homeric by the works of Schoder and Horrigan, and specifically Attic by Mastronarde. Being unconvinced of having developed any real ability in Greek by Hansen and Quinn, I went on to Schoder and Horrigan and found myself utterly in love; finally, Mastronarde fully developed my knowledge of Greek grammar with his rather copious and complete discussion thereof. In the mean-time, I have read selections of the Anabasis (the first three books, before becoming bored), several smaller selections, and rather copiously from Homer.

I had a year of College Latin which got me through the grammar by Balme and Morwood, and was rather dumped into the reading territory without any clear aims or intent. Having acquired several readers, I worked through selections primarily from Cicero, Caesar, and Catullus--ending up in Virgil, who I found utterly insincere and repetitive. Feeling a little ashamed, nevertheless I picked up and worked through the Lingua Latina books, in order to develop some greater knowledge of the Latin idiom, to inconclusive effect. I allowed to simmer a certain hatred and loathing for Latin, between some weakness in its grammar and a complete loathing for many of the writers who composed its Classical corpus. Finally, I had managed to settle down to begin reading the Ars Amatoria, which was cathartic, though very difficult, but nevertheless reinvigorated my interest in Latin.

I am a competent reader of French, having had a youth mired in it, and an incompetent reader of German (for a painfully small active lexicon, but a rather complete knowledge of the grammar). My instructional efforts are currently aimed at completing the grammar of Classical Sanskrit by way of Egenes (having bashed my head against the wall of Maurer too often).

More than anything else, I found that intellectual isolation from my peers and betters in these studies has prevented me from maintaining the inspiration and love necessary to keep at the arduous work of language acquisition; I hope to rectify that, at least, by maintaining and active, if potentially underwhelming, presence in such a community as this.
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