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a small problem in another forum

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a small problem in another forum

Postby Kynetus Valesius » Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:16 am

I am wondering whether any of you, as I suspect, might also be members of GLL (grex latine loquentium). So here is what's up. Last week I began posting on GLL a lot after a long silence. However, all of my posts appeared with broken lines even though when I composed them everything looked fine. Nor did it matter where the messages were composed, whether using google docs, notepad, word, or the interface for the grex on their polish server. Last evening, I posted a rather long theme only to see it mutilated in between the time I pushed the send button and the time it was received by the members. Thoroughly irked I tested sending the same document both to this site (look in the agora) and to LATINUM; in both cases it came out beautifully. I composed it in google docs and pasted, exactly the same procedure that I used with the grex, but here and at Latinum it came out well, whereas at the grex it looked BAD. So what am I doing wrong? In the meantime I have asked from the grex's moderators. Nevertheless I though I might just as well look for a solution here. gratias in antecessum solvo.

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