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Hello, and is this a differnt way to learn Latin?

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Hello, and is this a differnt way to learn Latin?

Postby Kevin Wooton » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:39 pm

Hello, indeed,

And as you can tell my name is Kevin and not only have I forgotten all the Latin we did at school but I lack the imagination to acquire a Latin monicker.

I hope that I am not blundering through a whole host of rules and offending the essential nature of this site but the core issue is that I have been developing ideas regards an alternative method of teaching/learning languages and am convinced that this will work for any language what exists or what can be existed, innit.

As such - and assuming that the powers that be are happy with this appeal - I would like to get in contact with a range of individuals who either;

a) are learning Latin/Greek and would be interested in taking part in a scientific evaluation of learning styles, etc, etc - it ain't gonna happen in the next two weeks but it is the kind of thing that needs to be organised;

b) know Latin and/or Greek very well, respect intellectual property, can spare a bit of time, and have a really sophisticated sense of interaction in that, as things stand I simply cannot afford to remunerate you on a direct manner for your time but, as vague and neulous as it sounds, if a happy working relationship obtains and the basic idea is successful then I will need an official expert for the Latin Version, for the Greek Version, etc, etc, and that is where things could get really interesting for you but that is for future discussions.

To reiterate, I need to generate a basic version of my ideas in 10 or so languages and Latin really has to be one of them, and it needs testing.

So, erm, good, and I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.

Kevin Wooton
Kevin Wooton
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Re: Hello, and is this a differnt way to learn Latin?

Postby Smythe » Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:48 am

I'm just starting on Latin. I wouldn't mind taking evaluations or surveys, but anything further I might be kind of leery of. I'm trying to use Olberg's Lingua Latina, which, in and of itself, is sort of controversial in that it breaks far away from the traditional teaching methods of Latin.

If you're looking for a test group for your approach, getting in touch with a number of home-schoolers might be a better avenue.

Good Luck!
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