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Postby m.bykov » Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:58 pm

Hello Textkitters,

please look at new ancient Greek resource, http://diglossa.org. (It is
still in a beta stage, but fully functional).

You can scroll Greek text on the left pane an change translations on
the right with mouse - click on a left page header (or use hotkeys as
ctrl-1, ctrl-2). For most Greek text on the site there are 3-4
translations, which you can compare.

Second main feature is a morphological analysis of (almost all) Greek word
in the texts. Now it works only for regular verbs, simple nouns and
adjectives and some words directly from dictionaries. I use two
dictionaries, LSJ for English and I.H.Dvoretsky for Russian. Simply
click on a word, where the pointer is active.

I would like you guys to help me with your feedback and suggestions -
what features do you want most in the future releases of diglossa.org.

I hope diglossa's readers will find it useful.

Please use FireFox or Internet Explorer 8. In other browsers there are
some problems which I will fight later.

Please, look it and drop me a line, what do you think about?

Michael Bykov,
Textkit Neophyte
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