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Postby nityas » Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:46 pm

Hi! I have a vocabulary question from the book Lingua Latina. On chapter 9, page 65, line 55 what does the word vestigia mean? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Vestigia

Postby adrianus » Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:05 pm

Salve nityas

Here is what I advised jasmine_77. Download Whitaker's Words program from this site http://users.erols.com/whitaker/words.htm and look up your words. It's a very useful program.
Ecce quod jasmine_77 monui. Ex hoc sito http://users.erols.com/whitaker/words.htm, programma Words nomine apud Whitaker deprome, et verbum tuum in eo inquire. Perutile est.
I'm writing in Latin hoping for correction, and not because I'm confident in how I express myself. Latinè scribo ut ab omnibus corrigar, non quod confidenter me exprimam.
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Re: Vestigia

Postby Hampie » Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:06 pm


vestigium, vestigii 2nd declination neuter

Haha, how fun that this was one of the few words I actually know :D
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