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Lingua Latina - What else do I need? Exercises necessary?

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Lingua Latina - What else do I need? Exercises necessary?

Postby dominics » Tue May 29, 2018 2:39 pm

I am about to embark on studying latin. I thought I would proceed by getting Orbergs Lingua Latina Series and work my way through it. I have the textbook as well an Anki Deck with all the vocabulary of Familia Romana.

I am wondering whether you think it essential to also get the Grammar & Exercises books? I like the idea of going through the texts only and pick up things intuitively (and look things up online of course), but I'm also aware that this might be a bit utopic - what do you think? Are the exercises necessary / important in your opinion?

Also, apart from the textbook, the anki vocab deck & (possibly) the other 2 books in the series, would I need something else? I have seen people recommending Wheelocks & the Cambridge Latin Course - how will I fare without those? Or should I maybe get Wheelock, *instead of* getting the Grammar & Exercise books of LLPSI? Anything else you would recommend?

I already know some ancient Greek, and I speak German & French so I'm not totally new to language learning. But I also do know that things can get quite complicated quickly, esp. with Greek and Latin, so I do appreciate your advise.
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Re: Lingua Latina - What else do I need? Exercises necessary

Postby RandyGibbons » Tue May 29, 2018 3:26 pm

essential to also get the Grammar & Exercises books?

In my opinion, essential, no, recommended, yes.

Grammatica Latina is a handy reference of all the noun and verb forms. "Handy" literally, because it is thin, paper, lightweight, unobtrusive.

Exercises in the series come in two forms, as you probably know. One, the exercises (pensa) in the two volumes themselves, and the separately published Exercitia Latina for each volume. The publisher sells the answer keys to both. Everyone's learning style is different, but in my opinion and experience exercises are important. They help you think about the language and more importantly tell you what you thought you knew but didn't (provided you have an answer key). Whether you can get by with just the pensa or should get the Exercitia Latina in addition is up to you. If it were my dime, I'd at least purchase the Exercitia and give them a try.

Or should I maybe get Wheelock, *instead of* getting the Grammar & Exercise books of LLPSI?

Hmmm. "Instead of"? I would say no. "In addition to"? - Sure, why not, if you don't mind spending the money and if you can organize your study effectively using disparate resources simultaneously. But since you already have some Greek as well as a Romance and a Germanic language and therefore shouldn't find Ørberg's Latin-only-no-exceptions approach too formidable, why not go "pure Ørberg" for a while (exercises included) and see how that goes?

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Re: Lingua Latina - What else do I need? Exercises necessary

Postby Nesrad » Wed May 30, 2018 10:37 am

This is what I like the least about LLPSI: its fragmentation into innumerable volumes that end up costing a fortune. It reveals the commercial nature of this endeavour.

I personally suggest using free resources like:

D'Ooge, Latin for beginners + key

Nutting, A Latin Primer + key (also available in French)

Most, Latin by the Natural Method.
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Re: Lingua Latina - What else do I need? Exercises necessary

Postby truks » Wed May 30, 2018 12:18 pm

When I was working my way through Familia Romana, I did all the exercises religiously.*

In a perfect world, FR should equip you with all the grammar you need to read Roma Aeterna. I found there was a *big* leap in terms of the level of difficulty between the two, and the first couple of chapters of RA were very difficult for me.

After the fourth or fifth chapter of RA, I decided to ditch the exercises altogether. I felt my time would be better spent reading (and rereading) each chapter as thoroughly as possible to the point that I could read fluently and could explain to myself how each sentence worked.

As time went on, reading got a lot easier, and by the end, I was reading with relative ease compared to when I started RA.

Good luck!

*If, as you're working through FR, you feel you need more grammar practice, I would recommend a new addition to the series, the *Nova exercitia Latina I*. These hadn't yet been published when I was working on FR, but they look very useful. I believe a key to these has also been published.

https://www.amazon.com/Nova-exercitia-L ... B00T72FJCG
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