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A plug for Emacs

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A plug for Emacs

Postby hlawson38 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:10 pm

When I need to type a Greek word into a Latin document, I use the powerful text editor Emacs. The command set-input-method lets me shift into Greek, and back to Latin on the same line of text. The Greek characters are about what you'd expect a Latin keyboard to produce.

Emacs can be daunting to a beginner, but I started using it about twenty years ago when I took up Linux. There is also a Windows version available.

With a little work, you can learn to write simple functions in the Emacs native language elisp. After some trial-and-error, and with the aid of some online examples, I wrote an elisp function that lets me, by using a hotkey, cause the Whitaker's Words definition to be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This is very helpful in reading through a hard passage.
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