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13th-C. Court-hand: Unknown Symbol

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13th-C. Court-hand: Unknown Symbol

Postby ethan101097 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:07 pm

The original can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/HJMST

The entry is largely uninteresting, but there is one symbol that I have not seen before. The entry reads

"¶ Cir[ographum] sub nomi[n]e Will[elm]i f[ilii] Rad[ulf]i de Cold’ horncastr’ et d[i]c[t]i A[brahami] de 3 m. et di[midio] ??? 1 su[m]m[a] f[rumenti] et dimid[io] r[eddendis] inde 1 m. et di[midiam] su[m]m[am] fr[umenti] ad pur[ificationem] be[atae] Mar[iae] anno r[egni] r[egis] H[enrici] 23 et ad f[estu]m s[an]c[t]i Hugon[is] p[ro]x[ime] seq[uens]..." (I extend "di" or "dim" prior to nouns as adjectives, and after nouns as the noun "dimidium, -ii." Feel free to comment on this as well if you would like.)

The symbol in question is that represented by "???" - it certainly seems like it should be a simple Tironian "et"; but, as you can see, the scribe uses a very different symbol (more like "oz") for that. Does anyone have any idea what this symbol might be? My best guess is that it is a symbol for something like a Bezant, but I really have no idea, and any ideas/guesses would be a huge help. Thanks so much all!
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