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Peregrīna Rēgna - Roma Aeterna XLIV Lines 391–392

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Peregrīna Rēgna - Roma Aeterna XLIV Lines 391–392

Postby wilhelmjohnson » Sun May 03, 2015 4:02 pm

Nōn tibi ab Corinthō nec ab Tarquiniīs, ut patrī tuō, peregrīna rēgna affectāre necesse est.

My question is about the English translations I've found for this line. The first reads, " You are not come, like your father, from Corinth or Tarquinii, that you must make yourself king in a strange land." The second reads, "You are not, like your father, a native of Corinth or Tarquinii, nor is it a foreign crown you have to win."

Isn't regna plural? If so why did the translators render it singular in English?
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