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Help with (Shakespeare's) Caesar

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Help with (Shakespeare's) Caesar

Postby Carolus Raeticus » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:10 am

Salvete omnes!

I am just finishing proofreading my transcription of Henry Denison's 1856-translation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. There are four words I am not completely sure about.

BOLD = Original doutbtful passage
UNDERLINED = My suggestion.

  • Brut.--Jamdudum id fecisti, Cassi. Videsis [???Vide sis???]; minae tuae nihil in me valent; eâ enim virtute me totum involvo, ut, tanquam vana aura, istae me incassum praetervolent.
  • Cass.--Portia, obiistin [???obiistine or obiistin'???]?
  • Ant.--Attamen tu, Brute, cum verberibus malis bona verba conjugis. Testissit [???Testis sit???] cor Caesaris tuâ manu perfossum, dum clamabas, "Salve, Caesar, bene valeas."
  • Clit.--O dominum nobilissimum! Viden? [???Viden' or Videne???]] Adeo aegritudinis plenus est, ut ex oculis exundet dolor.

Thanks four your help.

By the way, this will be a Gutenberg.org-text.


Carolus Raeticus
Carolus Raeticus
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Re: Help with (Shakespeare's) Caesar

Postby Shenoute » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:37 pm


I wasn't sure wether you wanted help on how to transcribe the words or on what their meaning was so I tried to adress these two points :

- I would leave videsis as it is. It comes from vide sis or sis vide, "please, see..."
- I would leave obiistin as it is
- testissit is printed testis sit in the edition
- I would leave viden. It comes from videsne
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Re: Help with (Shakespeare's) Caesar

Postby Carolus Raeticus » Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:49 pm

Salve Shenoute!

That's exactly what I wanted to know. I try to be conservative when it comes to changing the original text to remove typos.


Carolus Raeticus
Carolus Raeticus
Textkit Fan
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Joined: Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:46 am

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