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New online: Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel)

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New online: Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel)

Postby Carolus Raeticus » Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:37 am


I am proud to announce that my transcription of the crime novel Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel by Burton E. Stevenson, Latin translation by Arcadius Avellanus) is finally online. I donated it to Project Gutenberg to ensure its continued existence on the Web.

As I wrote in another thread:
Why choosing this specific book - Mysterium Arcae Boulé, a crime novel - to transcribe? My main reason for doing so was my interest in Latin phraseology. Caesar, Nepos, Eutropius: all these authors offer what I want to call here high-level action/language. Entire armies are moved from place to place, cities are razed, etc. The Mysterium, in contrast, represents low-level action/language. We are informed in detail about what is happening. People pick up things, gaze at a specific direction, lock and unlock doors, leave rooms, go up/down stairs, etc. In this novel we encounter these low-level phrases in a density unknown to me from other books (not even the Harrius Potter books, both of which I have read). I want to have access to these phrases, create a list of these (and perhaps even put such a list online). And that requires a digital version so that I can use a script to find all instances of "ianu*/osti*", for example, and from there find out what can be done with "doors".

So, have fun.


Carolus Raeticus
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Re: New online: Mysterium Arcae Boulé (novel)

Postby Phil- » Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:28 pm

Ago plurimas gratias! I have had my eye on Avellanus. I couldn't ask for more than to be able to read him on my Kindle.
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