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Antonyms of ex, dē and ab

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Antonyms of ex, dē and ab

Postby ryandward » Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:39 pm

I can perceive the antonyms of two of these prepositions, but the third one stumps me.

The opposite of ex (out of) would be in (into), while the opposite of ab (away from, all the way from) would be ad (toward).

But the one word I can't seem to find an antonym to is the preposition , which I take to mean separating from, or down from.

On a similar note, what would the prepositions of location be for the same prepositions of movement?

How does this look:

from where, where, to where
ex + abl., in + abl., in + acc.
dē + abl., super + abl., ???
ab + abl., apud + acc., ad + acc.
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