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Hale Method and English universities (french student)

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Hale Method and English universities (french student)

Postby Gaffiot » Fri May 02, 2014 7:06 am


First' i'm sorry for my langage errors, i'm a french latin and greek student from Bordeaux and I search informations about how to teach Latin in England. In France, we study with the basic method, it means where is the verb, where is the subject...We cut the sentence. How you learn latin and Greek in England?
But, I read the Hale Method, with a traduction from left to right of the latin sentence: http://artela.cnarela.free.fr/Artdelire ... rHale.html

Some of articles say that this method is applying in English Universities, Oxford? London? Cambridge? Maybe Others?

So' if i could have more informations, it will be great for my work.


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