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Help with translating Medieval Catalan into Latin

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Help with translating Medieval Catalan into Latin

Postby Astyanax » Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:16 am

Well, to keep things short.

I am currently working on a personal project and for the hypothetical reader, I would like to provide a 'homemade' translation of a Medieval Catalan text (The Homilies d'Organya, said to be one of the first Catalan texts) into 'standard' classical Latin.

Here is the original transcribed Catalan text:

-Senniors, aizó vol dir e mostrar […] qe si om parlave tan gint co un […] del món, e ere cast e abstinent.. (Homilies d’Organya I)

-Here is an English translation:
-Oh men, that wants to say and means that if he were to speak as good as an angel could, and he were to know all of the languages in the world, and were also to be chaste and abstinent..

Essentially, I would love the English translated into Latin. I have tried this myself, but I got rather stuck when it came to the indirect conditional with reported speech.

However, I will not leave without at least trying to give a version of my own -bad- translation:

O homines, hoc vult dicere atque monstrare si diceret tam bonum quam angelum posset, et sciret omnes lingae terrae, esset [x] and [x]

Please forgive the terrible attempt at reverse translation. I am still somewhat new to Latin.

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